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Mission Statement

The mission of Technology Services is to provide expert help identifying, implementing, configuring, securing, maintaining, integrating, distributing and using technology solutions to enhance teaching, learning, research and operations of the University.

Technology Services provides computing and network facilities to students and faculty for their educational and research activities; supports the university's management information systems; manages the campus network; and provides telecommunication, digital media and technical support services. The center provides leadership on the ethical use of computing.

Numerous public lab areas and classrooms are equipped with networked desktop computers. All residence hall rooms have network connections via a gigabit ethernet campus backbone; many residence halls and also have wireless network access. The center supports Internet tools such as World Wide Web browsers and electronic mail. Numerous Web tools also are available for instructional and research purposes. Popular software programs for Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh are supported in the public lab areas.

The campus computing environment consists of Intel servers running Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems, numerous workstations and more than 2,000 networked Windows and Macintosh desktop computers with direct access to the Internet, Internet2 and the Washington Research Library Consortium. Central computing services are accessible directly over the campus network and via the Web from outside campus.

In order to create better visibility into the activities and commitments of our group, Technology Services has created and published plans for the current fiscal year. These plans identify all the operational and project work that Technology Services (TS) intends to complete and the completion date. You can view these plans by visiting our communication page here.

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