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Technology Services Intake Process

In order to create better visibility into the activities and commitments of our group, Technology Services has created and published plans for the current fiscal year. These plans identify all the operational and project work that Technology Services (TS) intends to complete in the current fiscal year.

You can see the latest project plan with updates here:

These plans were developed through extensive campus interviews during April and May, and from previously requested and budgeted projects.  No additional labor or expense may be introduced in the current fiscal year without removing an equivalent amount in time or cost from in-plan activities.

If you need assistance from Technology Services and your project or activity does not appear in these plans, it is not scheduled for completion in the current fiscal year.  Should you wish to pursue out-of-plan projects in the current fiscal year, you can follow the exception process outlined below:

1. Identify the need and the value to the University of fulfilling that need. Projects are prioritized based on their projected value, so the more specific and accurate this is, the easier it will be to compare to existing in-plan items and rank in priority.  Preference is given to regulatory and compliance issues and activities supporting the University Strategic Plan.

2. Fill out an Intake Form. Technology Services will work with you to fill out an Intake Form for your request. We ask that you fill out the first section of this form and add notes to the second section that will help us to complete it accurately. All signatures must be present in order to consider this project. For more information on the process of intake form - please visit this page

3. Technology Services cost estimate. TS will estimate the cost and effort involved, the total cost of ownership, and identify which projects currently in-plan would be candidates for delay to the next fiscal year in order to accommodate the new request. 

4. Evaluation and decision.  This summary of the costs and benefits of the request will be reviewed by the University Treasurer, the IT Governance Board, and relevant vice presidents, who will communicate a decision to Technology Services. In some cases, further questions may arise around the business benefit or funding source of the project, and TS will follow up to gather the additional data before resubmitting the request. TS may also suggest an alternate way of achieving the business benefit (e.g. have work done by an outsourced supplier if the requesting department has budget).

  • Once the review committee has looked over the Intake Form, a decision may be made or more information may need to be gathered.
  • You will be made aware of this decision within 48 hours of the meeting.
  • Some requests may require additional collaboration with other business units of the University before an answer can be determined.

Non approved exception requests are considered closed for our current fiscal year. If you wish to have your request reconsidered in light of new circumstances, it must be resubmitted with updated information as appropriate.

5. Budget for the next fiscal year.  Technology Services will be planning work for the next fiscal year beginning in the fall.  Projects approved will be delivered between May and April.  Please follow the same procedure for submitting projects for consideration in future fiscal years.

Obtain a copy of the Intake Form here

Word Version of Intake Form

Submit this form to:  The Project Management Office -