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Automatic Backup and Encryption of Your Desktop 


In an effort to keep your data safe and secure, CUA offers a portable storage drive on our storefront. These back up drives can encrypt your data to keep it secure from unauthorized access and also backup your PC in the event of an unforeseen failure. The following instructions will teach you how to do both and keep your data secure.

What type of Drive should I buy?

Our storefront lists a Western Digital one terabyte drive that can be encrypted. We recommend this drive for the automatic backup and encrytpion. 

How do I set this up once I have purchased the drive?

The following instructions document the process for setting up this drive once you receive it. This is based on if you have a Windows 10 machine.  

Installing the Western Digital software

Encrypting your Western Digital Hard Drive

Setting up your PC backup

Installing the Western Digital software for Apple computers

Encrypting your Western Digital Hard Drive for Apple computers

Setting up Time Machine

Can I take this drive with me when I leave the University? 

Since this drive was purchased with University funds and contains University information, it needs to be retained wih the department. 

Can i move this drive to a different computer?

You can use your drive on any computer as long as you unlock the the drive 

How do I verify it is backing up my data every day?

You can open the WD SmartWare application at any time to verify that your drive is backing up your PC/Files

How can I get information off the drive if I need ?

As long as your drive is unlocked you can move and copy files freely.

Where do I call for support?

If you run into any issues or have any questions, you can contact Technology Services by emailing us at or calling us at 202-319-4357.