The Catholic University of America

Students, Cardinal Mail is your CUA e-mail service !!

Student e-mail at CUA is provided in Cardinal Mail, CUA's implementation of Google Apps Education Edition. All messages for CUA students are delivered to Cardinal Mail, and your CUA e-mail address is

How Do I Log Onto Cardinal Mail?

Obtain your Initial Cardinal Mail password

To use Cardinal Mail for the first time, you will need to learn your initial, one-time temporary Cardinal Mail password:

Log onto Cardinal Station and navigate with Self-Service as follows: Self Service > Campus Personal Information > CUA Logon Accounts.

Your Cardinal Mail user name is the same as your CUA network logon username, e.g., 00SMITH.

Log Onto Cardinal Mail

You log onto Cardinal Mail at

Enter your full email address when logging on.

When you log onto Cardinal Mail for the first time, you will need to change your password, select a language and agree to the Google Terms of Service. Passwords must be at least eight characters long. Be sure to select a strong password that includes letters, numbers and symbols. Your Cardinal Mail password is separate from your CUA network logon password.

You will need to type the text that appears in an image as part of your initial logon to Cardinal Mail. If you find the text difficult to read and make mistakes, that's okay--keep trying. Most people are able to get it right by the third or fourth try, even if they have problems initially.

What's Cool about Cardinal Mail?

  • Huge amounts of online storage -- 30 GB !!
  • Popular Google Gmail web mail interface
  • Google Docs for documents, presentations and spreadsheets
  • Calendar and contacts
  • Ability to synchronize with mobile devices (Apple iPhone/iPad, Google Android,...)
  • Lots more

How Do I Learn About Cardinal Mail?

Check out the CUA knowledge base at  Search for "Cardinal Mail".

Also, Google has an extensive Google Apps Help center on their web site.

View our instructions for sharing large documents with your professors on our fileshare web page.