The Catholic University of America

Help Desk

CPIT staffs a help center in 200 Leahy Hall to assist with all manner of technical issues. We also update this website and its related subsites regularly.

Who can I contact for technical assistance?

There are many places that you can go for technology assistance at CUA! Here is a brief outline of the steps that you can take:

  1. The Information Center (help desk). Call 202-319-4357 (-HELP) or send an email to The Information Center phone and e-mail box are staffed 8am - 9pm M-F. Voice and e-mail messages received during off-hours are processed the next business day.
  2. Walk in. Visit the Information Center in Leahy Hall, room 200. Knowledgeable technicians are available 9am - 5pm M-F to help you with your computing issues.
  3. Enter a support ticket online. Visit to start the process. In addition to requesting help, most technology work orders, both for computing and telephone, can be made this way.

How do I decide where to go?

You don't have to! The Information Center will direct a request or call to the appropriate area within CPIT. In order to get to the right person as quickly as possible, it might help to review the following questions before placing the call or entering the support ticket:

  • Do you need help with your own computer system, or with a system or service provided by CUA?
  • Are you having difficulty with a system or service, or do you need training?
    • If you are having difficulty, is there a sequence of steps that produces the problem?
    • If you are having a hardware problem, what type (brand and model) of computer do you have? If software, what program and version is it? Which operating system (e.g., Windows, Mac OS) are you running, and what version is it?
    • Would you like to know if CPIT can assist you with a new technology?