The Catholic University of America


  • The Cardinal Mail link directs me to my personal email address!

It is recommended that you use different browsers for your personal Google Mail and your Cardinal Mail accounts. Open another browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer) and go to Click the Cardinal Mail logo and it will take you to the login page. Regardless of your email alias (,, etc.), all users will login with the address.

For more information about Cardinal Mail, Google Apps for Education, trainings, and user guides, please go to

  • Where is my Calendar?

Click the Google Apps icon  in the upper-right of your Cardinal Mail page, then choose Calendar. The Calendar will open in a new tab or window depending on your browser settings. Be sure to check your tabs if you have already opened the Calendar.

  • Why are my messages bunched together?

Google defaults to "Conversation View". To turn "Conversation View" Off:

Click the gear icon in the upper right

  • Select Settings

  • Scroll to Conversation View

  • Select Conversation View Off
  • Scroll to the bottom and click Save Changes
  • Where are my Contacts? The CUA Global Address list?

Click Mail at the top-left corner of your Cardinal Mail page, then choose Contacts. The CUA Global Address list is found under Contacts > Directory.


  • Why do I and everyone else come up with so many email addresses when typing the name in the "To:" line?
    • Since the University is entirely using Google now, all faculty, staff, and students have all of the aliases within our domain
    • There is no way to turn it off - unless we make everyone use with no option of other aliases
    • The University will continue to weigh the factors involved and update the community on further actions regarding the multiple email addresses.
  • Some of my email is missing!
    Google keeps only one copy of every email. If you have labeled, archived, or deleted an email, you might not see it in your Inbox, but it does still exist, possibly in multiple labels!

    • To find missing mail, you can:
      • Use the search box at the top of your Cardinal Mail page to find emails, get more search information from this Get Started with Gmail link
      • Expand left menu by clicking More, looking in All Mail, Sent Mail (Google) vs. Sent Items (Outlook/Exchange)....
    • Can’t find things you’ve sent?
      • Sent Mail is the Google folder for storing mail that has been sent
      • Sent Items is the Outlook folder for storing mail that has been sent and may be where your migrated sent mail can be found
      • Exhange and Google handle email sent to yourself differently. Please see the following article for more information:
    • To find your Sent Items folder:
      • Hover over the last item in your left navigation menu
      • Click the More button to see more "labels" (folders in Outlook terminology), including your Sent Items
  • How do I add a Preview Pane?

Click the gear icon in the upper right

  • Select Settings

  • Click the Labs link along the top

  • Scroll down to Preview Pane
  • Click Enable

  • Scroll to the bottom and click Save Changes