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Shared Accounts 


A shared account is a service any department can use to have a central email, drive space, calendar and more. The benefit of this is that there is one location everything is stored. No matter who comes and goes that information will always be there. Should an individual share files or calendars thorugh their own account, this will not be available after the individual leaves the university. 

For example, you could have an account called This can be used to send email to the CUA community from one central point that can be tracked and stored. You can have multiple calendars for tracking time off, events, and resources. You can also have a Google drive where all your internal and shared documents could be stored. 

Best Practices

Share Accounts are best for:

  • Representing an office, department, or organization
  • Promoting “official” communications and history 
  • Allowing fluid membership to the same ‘mailbox’ over time


For shared accounts, department heads can request this for their departments. Anyone can request an alias for their group or self. You can email us at to request this. We need the following information:

  • One True Owner - this is 1 person that will be responsible for this group. Should anyone need to be added or removed, this person puts in the request.  If a student is requesting this, there needs to be a staff or faculty member that is the true owner. 
  • The name of the account (this will be the email address and should be no more than 20 characters))
  • The display name of the account (should be no more than 30 characters)
  • Who should have access to this account

Naming Restrictions

  • Shared accounts are restricted by either having a for example,  
  • Between 3 and 20 characters
  • Directly relatable to the group name or shorthand/acronym 
  • You can not use any of the following in the name of your account _ * $ # @ % ^ .+
  • All lowercase
  • Accounts need to follow a standard of department hyphen group name - for example or All groups MUST have this format. 

Logging into your shared account

Instructions for accessing your department's shared account can be found on our delegation page.

Removing access

If you need to change the owner or change who can access the shared account or alias - simply email and let us know who needs to be removed or added. We need their full name and email address. 

Google Groups and Aliases

To read more about google groups and aliases, please visit our page here