The Catholic University of America

History of PeopleSoft Systems at CUA

The Catholic University of America currently uses four different PeopleSoft systems to support campus business operations. CUA's introduction to PeopleSoft systems began in 1996 as part of an investigation to replace our custom-built accounting system. The end result of the investigation was the decision to purchase an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. This new generation of software combined many small specialized products into one large integrated system designed to meet the diverse needs of an organization. Here is the chronological history of PeopleSoft ERP systems at CUA.

PeopleSoft Financials

  • Purchased in May 1997
  • V6 implementation began September 1997
  • V6 went into production September 1998
  • V6 upgraded to v7.02 in March 2000
  • V7.02 upgraded to v8.4 in March 2003
  • V8.4 upgraded to v8.9 in October 2007

PeopleSoft Human Capital Management/Campus Solutions

  • Purchased in January 1999
  • V7.6 implementation began in April 1999
  • First module (Admissions) went into production in October 1999
  • Second module (Student Records) went into production in March 2000
  • Third module (Student Financials) went into production in May 2000
  • Fourth module (Financial Aid) went into production in December 2001
  • Began v8.0 Human Resource System implementation June 2004
  • V7.6 upgraded to v8.0 in January 2005
  • Human Resource System v8.0 went into production in October 2005
  • V8.0 upgraded to v9.0 in August 2008
  • ePay (payroll self-service) module went into production in October 2010

Enterprise Performance Management

  • Acquired in September 2002
  • V8.8 implementation began in October 2002
  • V8.8 went into production March 2003
  • Retired February 2010

Enterprise Portal

  • Purchased in March 2004
  • V8.8 implementation started in June 2004
  • V8.8 went into production in January 2005
  • V8.8 was upgrade to v9.0 in March 2008