The Catholic University of America

Phone Service in ResNet

Most students bring a mobile phone to campus that they use exclusively, with the result that there has been little demand for ResNet telephone service.

Each residence hall has one or more shared "land line" telephone for placing outgoing local calls, located in a shared area of the hall.  E.g., in the kitchen of each floor in Opus Hall, in the lounge in Centennial Village.

Requesting phone service in your room

Resident students may request that wired phone service be activated in their room. The charge for this service is $208 for the academic year (no pro-rating). This fee will be applied to your student account once the line is activated.

Standard features on the line include caller ID, call waiting, and three-way calling. Voicemail can be activated if you request it.

You will need to provide your own telephone set and cord to connect to the port. Inexpensive phone sets are available at retailers such as Radio Shack, Best Buy and Most phone sets come with a short cord. One popular telephone set model is the AT&T 210.

Residential phone lines are restricted from placing long distance calls directly.  No long distance calls may be charged to their land line in their room.  No incoming “Collect” calls may be received or accepted. To make long distance calls, you will need to obtain a "calling card" from one of many pre-paid or online providers.

To request that wired phone service be enabled in your room, please submit a support request by sending email to  Please include your student ID number, your residence hall building and room number and a phone number where you can be reached. A technician may need to contact you for additional information.

Installation of the phone service may take up to five business days.