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 Audio/Visual Technology Support


Digital Presentation Rooms

Technology Services is committed to enriching the educational experience at The Catholic University of America. We support all Enrollment Services controlled digital presentation rooms as well as maintain media equipment for loan to support faculty, staff, and student needs and academic instruction at The Catholic University of America.


Digital Presentation rooms can be requested by submitting a request at

Rooms can contain TVs, DVDs, Projectors, PCs, Sound Systems, Microphones, Computer Labs, and Interactive white boards. 

To choose which room you want for your class or event, please visit 

For urgent support in a room, please call 202-319-6432

SLA (Support Level Agreement)

Technology Services will look into any A/V technical issues for department-owned rooms. Should equipment need to be replaced or a vendor needs to be called, the department that owns the room will assume the cost. All Enrollment Services owned rooms have top priority for issues that need to be resolved. 



Enrollment Services-Controlled Rooms

All Enrollment Services Technology Rooms support the following:

  • PC Provided in Lectern
  • PC has classroom/lab image applied
  • Cables to connect a device via HDMI/VGA
  • Audio cables to connect a device like a cell phone
  • Monitor to allow presenter to see PC contents
  • Monitor Arm off the side of the podium to allow it to be moved
  • Display to class (projector or flatscreen) that is connected to lectern PC or presenter device
  • DVD player that plays Blue-Ray or standard DVDs
  • Remote control for the DVD player
  • Audio controls to support the speakers in the room
  • USB drives to support external devices. These devices when plugged in, go directly to the PC in the lectern
  • Auditoriums have both wireless handheld and lapel microphones in the lectern
Building and Room Number Support Person/Group
Aquinas 102 Technology Services
Aquinas 108 Technology Services
Aquinas 201 Technology Services
Caldwell 109 Technology Services
Caldwell 117  Technology Services
Caldwell 119  Technology Services
Caldwell 121  Technology Services
Caldwell 151  Technology Services
Caldwell 154  Technology Services
Gibbons B030  Technology Services
Gibbons B031  Technology Services
Gibbons B032  Technology Services
Gowan 126  Technology Services
Gowan 400  Technology Services
Gowan 401  Technology Services
Gowan 408  Technology Services
Gowan 410  Technology Services
Gowan 413  Technology Services
Hannan 103  Technology Services
Hannan 105  Technology Services
Hannan 106  Technology Services
Hannan 108  Technology Services
Hannan 132  Technology Services
Hannan 134  Technology Services
Leahy 50  Technology Services
Leahy 51  Technology Services
Marist 109  Technology Services
Marist 117  Technology Services
Marist 207  Technology Services
Marist 208  Technology Services
Marist 213  Technology Services
McCort Ward 114  Technology Services
McCort Ward 208  Technology Services
McCord Ward 209  Technology Services
McGivney 003 (shared with JPII)  Technology Services
McGivney 004 (shared with JPII)  Technology Services
McGivney 005 (shared with JPII)  Technology Services
McGivney LL009 (shared with JPII)  Technology Services
McGivney LL011(shared with JPII)  Technology Services
McGivney LL012(shared with JPII)  Technology Services
McGivney LL014(shared with JPII)  Technology Services
McGivney LL015(shared with JPII)  Technology Services
McGivney 106 (shared with JPII)  Technology Services
McGivney 108 (shared with JPII)  Technology Services
McMahon 112

McMahon 111

 Technology Services

 Technology Services

McMahon 200  Technology Services
McMahon 201  Technology Services
McMahon 209  Technology Services
McMahon 312  Technology Services
McMahon 306 (Partially owned by Business)  Technology Services
McMahon 316  (Partially owned by Business)  Technology Services
McMahon 318  (Partially owned by Business)  Technology Services
Nursing Biology 154  Technology Services
Nursing Biology 159  Technology Services
Nursing Biology 257  Technology Services
Nursing Biology 350  Technology Services
Nursing Biology B054  Technology Services
O'Boyle 106  Technology Services
O'Boyle 220  Technology Services
O'Boyle 235  Technology Services
O'Boyle 315  Technology Services
Pangborn 203  Technology Services
Pangborn 204  Technology Services
Pangborn 205  Technology Services
Pangborn 301  Technology Services
Pangborn 302  Technology Services
Pangborn 303  Technology Services
Pangborn 322AB Technology Services 
Pangborn G003  Technology Services
Pangborn G022  Technology Services
Pangborn G023  Technology Services
Pangborn G024 Technology Services 
Pangborn G035  Technology Services
Shahan 201  Technology Services
Shahan 203  Technology Services
Shahan 204  Technology Services
Shahan 205  Technology Services
Shahan 302  Technology Services
Shahan 303  Technology Services
Shahan 304  Technology Services
Shahan 306  Technology Services
Shahan 307  Technology Services



 Event Spaces (non-registrar controlled spaces)

Building and Room Number Support Person/Group   
Admissions Theater Admissions  

Happel Room (Caldwell 100)

Heritage Hall (O'Connell Hall)

Events & Conferences

Events & Conferences

Law School Court Rooms Law Media Services  
Caldwell Auditorium Events & Conferences  
Craves Family Alumni Center Alumni  
May Gallery - Mullen Library Mullen Library  
Monsignor Stephen P. Happel Room (Caldwell) Theology and Religious Studies  
Leahy 100   Technology Services  
Leahy 40 Procurement  
O'Neil Conference Room (O'Connell Hall) Technology Services  
Vincent P. Walter Room (Curley Hall) Events & Conferences  
Pryz Great Rooms A, B, C Pryzbyla Front Desk  
Pryz Rooms 203, 205, 321, 323, 327, 331, 351 Pryzbyla Front Desk  





Departmental Rooms

(if you would like to list your departmental classroom on this list, please submit a ticket to with the building and room and we will assess the level of support)

Canon Law 111 Canon Law 
Gowan 104 Nursing 
Gowan 211 Nursing 
Hannan 135  Physics
Hannan 136  Physics
McMahon 212  Modern Languages,
McMahon 301  Technology Services
McMahon 315  Technology Services
McMahon 306  Technology Services
McMahon 318  Technology Services
McMahon 308  Technology Services
McGivney 005 Lounge  Technology Services
McGivney 006  Knights of Columbus
Nursing Bio B60  Chemistry
O'Boyle 113  Technology Services
O'Boyle 215  Psychology
Pangborn 102  Engineering 
Pangborn G25  Engineering 
Pangborn B11A  Engineering 
Pangborn 218  Engineering 
Pangborn 111  Engineering 
Pangborn 110  Engineering 
Shahan 100 NCSSS
Ward 139  Music
Ward 211  Music



 Contact Information

Facilites or by calling 202-319-5121

Technology Services or by calling 202-319-4357. 
Alternatively the Emergency Classroom Support line is 202-319-6427. 

Pryzbyla Front Desk or by phone at 202-319-5200 

Law Media Services 202-319-6394

Events & Conferences or  202-319-5291