The Catholic University of America

CUA Computer Accounts

Students have TWO (2) accounts at CUA

  1. The first is your student e-mail Cardinal Mail account, for use exclusively in Cardinal Mail.
  2. The second is your network logon account that is used is for everything else: lab computers, Cardinal Station, Blackboard,, ResNet network registration and more.

Faculty and staff have one account: your CUA network logon account, which works for campus computers, Cardinal Station, Cardinal Financials, Blackboard, faculty/staff e-mail, and more. (Cardinal Mail is exclusively for students.)

Cardinal Station

Cardinal Station is the CUA web portal that allows you to perform student enrollment management self-service activities: register for classes, check your grades, change your contact information, and a wide range of other activities related to your academic records at the University. You can access Cardinal Station using Internet Explorer from nearly anywhere in the world where you have a public Internet connection.

For non-matriculated students, a temporary-use Cardinal Station User ID and password were sent to you via postal mail when you applied to the University. Once you are matriculated, you switch to using your CUA network logon account to log onto Cardinal Station.

Faculty, staff and matriculated students use their CUA network logon account to log onto Cardinal Station.

If you forget your password or have difficulty logging on to Cardinal Station, please view Cardinal Station logon troubleshooting tips.

Your Cardinal Mail Account (for students)

Cardinal Mail is CUA's implementation of Google Apps Education Edition for students.

Cardinal Mail offers students large amounts of storage, and provides the popular Google Gmail web mail interface. Google Docs, calendaring and contacts are also available through Cardinal Mail.

Your Cardinal Mail account is created when you matriculate.

To use Cardinal Mail for the first time, you will need to learn your initial, one-time temporary Cardinal Mail password. This information can be found in Cardinal Station. Please log onto Cardinal Station using the User ID and password you received in postal mail, and navigate as follows: from the Student Self-Service Student Center, go to Cardinal Students > Self Service > Campus Personal Information > CUA Logon Accounts.

If you have previously logged onto Cardinal Mail, but have now forgotten your password and cannot log on, you can use the CUA Cardinal Mail Password Reset web site to change it.


Your CUA Network Logon Account

Your CUA network logon account allows you to log onto any machine in the student labs, and provides access to Blackboard,, the ResNet network registration system in your residence hall and other services.

For new students, your CUA network logon account is created when you matriculate. Your network logon username and first time, temporary password can be found by logging onto Cardinal Station using the User ID and password you received in postal mail, and navigating as follows: from the Student Self-Service Student Center, go to Cardinal Students > Self Service > Campus Personal Information > CUA Logon Accounts.

Your student CUA Network account username is composed of two digits plus your last name (or part of your last name, depending on length and conflicts with similarly named people!). Your password must be changed at least every 180 days, and should be hard to guess.

For faculty and staff, your network logon accounts is created automatically when your employee information is entered by the Human Resources, but you must contact the Service Desk to have your account activated. You will be told your network username and password at that time.

Important note for students. While your CUA network logon account username is the same as the username in your Cardinal Mail e-mail address, the two accounts are not the same. You can assign different passwords to each, or you can choose to keep them the same. You have access to your CUA network logon account as long as you are an active student. But you have access to your Cardinal Mail account both while you are a student and after you graduate, as long as you are using it.

Self-help Password Reset System

When you have successfully logged on using your network logon account, please enroll in the self-help password reset system. Once you are enrolled, if you forget your password, or have difficulty accessing your network account, you can immediately fix the problem by resetting your password.


Acceptable Use Policy

CUA provides many computing facilities to help students, faculty, and staff to complete their work and enjoy the benefits broad Internet access can provide, and therefore guidelines are necessary to help ensure these benefits are fairly available to the entire campus community.

The Acceptable Use Policy enumerates the rules that apply to all users of the CUA Campus Network and CUA issued and maintained computing equipment and services.  All members of the campus community and guests are expected to follow these rules, encourage others to do the same, and to report willful violations. Please take time to review this university policy.