The Catholic University of America

Buy a Computer - Students 

Student Computer Initiative (SCI) Program

Through the university's Student Computer Initiative (SCI) Program, CUA students have the option to purchase computers at discounted prices. The features of SCI include the option of buying (and financing if desired) a Dell computer (either desktop or notebook) at a competitive price which, in addition to the computer, includes software, a network card, and extended warranty. You can also purchase computers through the CUA Bookstore at educational prices.

At CUA, computers are an important tool for teaching, learning, and sharing information. CUA students have the opportunity to use a computer in classrooms, academic buildings and their residence hall room to access the high-speed campus computing network and Internet.

Faculty / Staff

Faculty or staff who need an upgrade to their University issued computer, including software updates, should contact the computer Information Center at 202-319-4357 (-HELP) for information.

Purchasing Computing Hardware with University Funds

Faculty or staff who need to purchase additional computers or printers with university funds should read about the requirements and recommendations.