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General Computing Labs for All Students

Building Room Hours
Leahy 117 Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Open when the building is open. 
Pryz Info Center 2nd floor Open when the building is open. Printer is located in the Info Center. 
McGivney Lounge Lower Level 13 Open when the building is open. 


Special Computing Labs for Students

The following computer labs can be used, but only when class is not in session! Please check the website to determine if the classroom is open. 

Leahy 50
Leahy 51
Hannan 134
Shahan 302
Pangborn 301
Pangborn 302
Pangborn 303
Pangborn G23

Please check with your department if they have a specialized lab. 


Lab Computer Software

Leahy Lab 117 has most of the Architecture and Engineering specialized software installed on the computers. All computer labs and classrooms have a general set of software available. Our Guide to Software on Campus Computers page explains the software that is installed on computers in every lab. 

Lab Computer Software Configuration Management

Most lab computers have a software configuration management feature that works to keep the computer in good working order. Each time the computer restarts, its configuration is returned to a known good state. Anything that was changed or stored on the local hard drive is removed.

This means that you must not store your files on the local hard drive of lab computers, as the files will be removed when the computer restarts.

Instead, you should store your files in your Cardinal Google Drive, or on removable storage such as a USB flash drive. Students may purchase USB flash drives in the CUA Bookstore or at any computer or electronics store.

Automatic Software Maintenance

Microsoft Windows computers in classrooms and labs perform automatic software maintenance between the hours of 1-5am daily. Please check the signs in the lab to determine the schedule for the computer you are using, and plan your computer work accordingly.

Lab computers that employ software configuration management undergo automatic software maintenance for a period between 1 am and 5 am. This allows operating system updates to be installed, antivirus patterns to be updated and other software changes made. 

Several minutes before the computer automatically restarts, you will receive a pop-up warning message. When you receive this warning message, you must immediately save your work to your Cardinal Google Drive or to your removable storage device, as the computer is about to restart for maintenance. If you stored files on the local hard drive of the lab computer, those files will be lost.

The best practice is to always work from your Cardinal Google Drive, or use a removable storage device; and never store files on the lab computer hard drive.