The Catholic University of America

Store Files to the Network


Students are encouraged to store files on their Cardinal Mail account.

Limited storage space is available on University servers for students under a folder called "My Files."

Students should also keep a backup copy of their important personal data on removable media such as a USB memory stick or external hard drive and store the drive securely except when in immediate use.

Saving Files to Cardinal Mail

  1. Log onto your Cardinal Mail account.
  2. Click on "Documents" in the upper left corner of the page.
  3. Click "Upload". Take note of the size of files that you can upload and select the appropriate conversion option.
  4. Click "Select files to upload" to find the file on your local computer and click Open. Repeat for additional files as needed.
  5. Click "Start Upload".

The files that you save in Cardinal Mail are accessible to you from anywhere you can access the Internet as long as you retain a Cardinal Mail account.

Saving Files to "My Files"

  1. Browse to
  2. Log on with your CUA network logon account username and password.
  3. Click on "My Files" from the menu on the left.
  4. Click on the "Browse" button.
  5. Select the file you want to save, and click "Open".
  6. Click "Add file".

The files that you save via "My Files" are accessible to you from anywhere you can access the Internet as long as you are an active student.

Storing additional data

The storage space for e-mail and files for each student on Cardinal Mail is 7 GB. There is a size limit per file.

The storage space on My Files is limited because it is shared among all members of the CUA community--you may store up to 1 GB in My Files. If you exceed the 1 GB allocated space, attempts to save files will fail.

If you have the need to store additional personal data that you can carry with you, please consider purchasing a USB memory device. Note, however, that you should treat this device like your wallet--if you lose it, others may be able to access the data that it contains.

For storing data that you access infrequently, you can burn the files to writeable CD or DVD media, or use an external hard drive. This is a very good way to make periodic backups of your data files that may reside on your personally owned computer.

Important note about Lab Computers

It is very important that you do NOT store data on the computers located in the computer classrooms or user labs. These computers are "wiped clean" nightly. Bring your own removable storage (e.g., USB memory stick) or store your work in your Cardinal Mail account or "My Files" area as described above.

Faculty and Staff

To request access to an established network drive, please have your supervisor fill out this form:

To create a new share drive, please email

CUA faculty and staff must store files pertaining to university business only on CUA network drives as specified by their department.

University business files generally must not be stored on local hard drives, removable media or on services other than those provided by the university.

University employees must abide by the university's Information Assurance and Electronic Communications policies. Please review these policies before deciding where to store data.