The Catholic University of America

Personal Purchases

If you would like to make a purchase with your personal funds, please use the following sites:

Click on the Hardware tab for computers. 


Directions for registering
For questions on technical support, registration, support with site, or purchases, please call 1-800-800-2775,
option 4 then 1, for assistance

Pro Apps has released an Education bundle

Google Chromebook:

Recommendations for Students:

Technology Services recommends that students use a wired connection whenever possible on campus. To do this, make sure the laptop comes with an ethernet port.
Some of our classrooms have VGA display connections. If the laptop does not come with a VGA port, you can purchase an HDMI/VGA adapter. 

Please check with your department to see if they have any specific recommendations for your courses.


Storefront for University Purchases

If you would like to make a purchase with university funds, please click here to go to the private storefront page and login to view options.

If you would like to find out about obtaining a used computer, please visit our re-purpose site here. 

For more information on Univeristy supported purchases, please visit our Technology Purchases website.