The Catholic University of America

 EDUROAM @ Catholic University

Eduroam (“education roaming”) is a secure worldwide wireless access service that enables students, faculty, and staff to use their home institution's credentials to connect to the Internet from any institution that participates in Eduroam. (Catholic University is an active Eduroam member.)

Eduroam was developed for the international education and research community.

The Eduroam network comprises participating institutions in the US, Canada, Asia-Pacific, and Europe. As of Fall 2018, it was available at more than 12,000 locations worldwide, including more than 450 colleges, universities, and research facilities in the United States.

How does Eduroam work?

Many institutions now require login credentials to access wireless Internet services. Eduroam allows you to use your Cardinal Credentials when traveling to access the internet at participating institutions, avoiding the need to create a temporary account. If you're visiting Catholic University from another eduroam institution, you can use your home institution's logon credentials to gain access to wireless internet service while on the Catholic University campus.

Where is Eduroam available?

Eduroam is available at institutions in the US and in many countries around the world. Click here for a list of US participating Eduroam institutions or for a map of Eduroam deployment worldwide.

Connecting to Eduroam

Visitors to Catholic University can connect to Eduroam on the Catholic University campus using their home institution’s credentials.

Catholic University students, faculty, and staff who plan to visit an institution that has Eduroam can connect to Eduroam at that institution using their Cardinal Credentials. (Note: You must enter your full Catholic University e-mail address when you log in.)

Please be sure to verify that the institution you're visiting, and from which you want to connect, is a participating member of the Eduroam network.

Everyone connecting to Eduroam, either at Catholic University or at another institution, should abide by the policies of that institution.

Getting Help

Visitors to Catholic University who experience any problems connecting to Eduroam at Catholic University should contact their home institution's help desk for assistance.

Catholic University's own students, faculty, and staff experiencing problems connecting to Eduroam while visiting a participating institution should contact Technology Services (202-319-4357; for assistance.