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CUA Password Reset

Your CUA network logon account is used to log onto campus computers, Blackboard, Cardinal Station, Cardinal Financials, faculty/staff e-mail, the campus wireless network and more.

A new self-help password reset service for CUA network logon accounts is being made available starting Sept. 10, 2012.

The CUA Password Reset service allows you to reset your CUA network logon password without having to call the Information Center help desk.

New features

The benefits of this new service over the previous service include the following.

  • You can select your own security questions and answers.
  • Detailed feedback is provided while you are typing your new password on whether it meets the security requirements.
  • Immediate confirmation is provided that the new password was set successfully.
  • The newly-reset password can be used immediately.


Getting Started

In order to use the new CUA Password Reset service, you must first enroll by selecting several security questions and answers.

Then, if you want to change your password, or reset a forgotten password, you can follow links on to do so.

Learn More

For detailed information on how to use the new CUA Password Reset service, please visit these pages.

Enroll for Password Reset

Reset a Forgotten Password

Change your Password

Additional Assistance

If you are having difficulty using the new CUA Password Reset service, or need additional assistance with your CUA network logon credentials, please contact the computer Information Center.