The Catholic University of America

 Personal Websites

All students, faculty, and staff have the ability to have a website using Google sites. 

Creating a website

Open your Google Apps icon and select Sites. Once there, you can follow Google's instructions for creating a site:

Please note: Google is moving to a new Sites platform. Do not create any new content in the old Google sites, but click the "New Google Sites" link that has been highlighted below. 

If you would like your website name to be one of the following:


 Please email with the address and name of your site in Google.

To find the name of your site, when you click on the Sites home, it will be listed. You will also need to send them your username. An example is listed below: 



Deletion of website

Sites will no longer be active when your affiliation with the University has ended. To see this timeframe, please visit our Disposition Procedures website


If you need help creating a website, Google offers support pages to assist. You can visit them by clicking on

For further support, Mullen Library allows free use of This site gives tutorials on website design. FOr further information, click here: