The Catholic University of America

    Blackboard Policies                                             


Course Creation

Courses are created automatically in Blackboard for each course taught at CUA. All courses listed in Cardinal Station have a corresponding Blackboard Course.

  • Spring 2017 courses were created on Sept 10, 2016
  • Summer 2017 course creation will begin on Feb 10, 2017
  • Fall 2017 course creation will begin in April, 2017

A course and instructor name must be listed in Cardinal Station for a course to be created in Blackboard.


All students who have registered for a course in CardinalStation are enrolled in the respective Blackboard course automatically. This process can take up to 24 hours.

Students are not removed from Blackboard courses. It is recommended that after add/drop period for each semester instructors review their course roster on Cardinal Station, and remove all dropped students in Blackboard. Instructions to do so can be found here.

Course Deletion

Courses are kept on the production system for two years.

  • Fall 2014 course deletion began Sept 1, 2016
  • Spring 2015 course deletion will begin in June, 2017
  • Summer 2015 course deletion will begin September, 2017


Directions for Instructors:

Archiving your course:

Archiving your course allows you to save a back-up of all course materials, including all enrollments and user interactions.

Exporting your course:

The Export function creates a package of the course content that can later be imported into Blackboard Learn and used to teach another course with the same content.

NOTE: Unlike the Archive function, an Export package does not include any user interactions with the course. It only includes the content of the course and is useful when course materials will be reused at a later time to teach a new set of students or be used in a course on a different server.

Saving course files:

Saving your course files on your computer can serve as a back-up for future courses, allowing you to access specific documents.