The Catholic University of America

    Blackboard Policies                                             

Course Creation

Courses are created automatically in Blackboard for each course taught at CUA. All courses listed in Cardinal Station have a corresponding Blackboard Course.

  • Summer course creation = late March
  • Fall course creation = late May
  • Spring course creation = late September

A course and instructor name must be listed in Cardinal Station for a course to be created in Blackboard. Synchronizations will occur within 24 hours.

Course Enrollments

Enrollments are synchronized between Cardinal Students and Blackboard. Students should NOT be manually added or removed from Blackboard courses. ALL enrollments must come from Cardinal Students. Once enrolled in Cardinal Students, synchronizations will occur within 24 hours. Students who drop their course during the Add/Drop period in Cardinal Students will be automatically dropped in Blackboard within 24 hours.

Students who withdraw after the Add/Drop period will remain in the course in Blackboard, as their withdrawal is considered “of record”.

Course Retentions

Courses are kept on the production system for 2 years + 1 semester. 

Master course shells can be created to centralize course management and will not be deleted per the retention policy.

  • Retain content indefinitely
  • Design and develop a course outside of a specific term
  • Full course copy into term-based courses/sections or house content from which instructors can pick what materials to copy into their section
  • Students should NOT be enrolled in master course shells
  • Contact CUA Tech Support to request a master course shell:

Course Content Retention for Term-based Courses

Instructors should remember to back up their courses at the end of each semester if they need further access to the materials. Instructors are responsible for retaining course content using one of the methods below: