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Logging In To Blackboard

How Do I Log into Blackboard?

  1. To log into Blackboard navigate to 


  2. Enter your username and password

    The username is the first part of your email address or your network Username.  The password is the same as your network password (the one you use to log on to campus computers).  Click Login.


  3. The first view is the Homepage. The Navigation Interface has two main tabs: CUA and Courses.


  4. You can change how the courses are listed by hovering over the top bar of the My Courses (or Course List) box and clicking the gear that appears in the corner.

    From here you can hide elements such as Course IDs, or even entire courses if you wish.




What if I still can't log into Blackboard?

There are a couple reasons you might be unable to log into Blackboard:

a) You transitioned from being a student to being a faculty/staff member.

b) You are a faculty/staff member who is taking courses for the first time.

c) Your network account is expired or not working for Blackboard specifically.

If you cannot login, please contact the Service Desk at:

(202) 319-HELP (4357)

If reason 3 relates to you, please attempt to reset your password by clicking on the "Forgot Your Password" link on or If this fails to correct the problem, please contact the help desk.