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Changing Blackboard Notification Settings

How Do I Change Notification Settings in Blackboard?


Log in to Blackboard at


Click your name in the upper right corner to access the Global Navigation Menu.


Click the clock icon on the left navigation menu bar within the Global Navigation Menu.


The notification screen will open to a larger screen. Click the gear icon on the far right.


The “Show/Hide Notifications” menu will pop up and you can choose your settings. Once you have chosen, click save.


You can also change your notifications by clicking the “View Notification Settings” link at the bottom of the dropdown.


You can Edit Individual Course Settings or apply settings to all courses through Bulk Edit Notifications Settings. To Bulk Edit, click the "Courses I am taking" link.


Use the sideways arrows to move desired courses from the Items to Select box to the Selected Items box.


Click the check box on the left to turn the Notifications On and Off. Check marks mean the notifications is on. A blank box means they are off. You can also choose the method of notification on the right (Blackboard Dashboard or Email). Click submit in the lower right corner.


You will receive confirmation that your Notification Settings have been saved.