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Semester Code

How Do I Read the Semester Code?

  1. The semester code is presented as 4 digits at the end of the Course ID.
    Here is an example of the Course ID:

    The first grouping stands for the Course Subject (ex: BB stands for Blackboard).
    The second grouping is the Course Number (ex: 101).
    The third grouping is the Section Number (ex: 01).
    The fourth grouping is the Semester Code (ex: 1138).


  2. The Semester Code itself contains four digits.
    The first of these digits will always be "1". 


  3. The next two digits designate the year. 
    Our example course began in the year 2013, so the middle two digits of the Semester Code are "13".


  4. The last digit designates the month in which the course begins. 
    Our example course began in August, so the last digit in the Semester Code is "8".


  5. With this information, we can now tell just by looking at the Semester Code that this course began in the Fall Semester (August) of 2013.


  6.  Here is a list of example semester codes:

    1145 – Summer Semester 2014
    1148 – Fall Semester 2014
    1151 – Spring Semester 2015
    1155 -- Summer Semester 2015
    1158 -- Fall Semester 2015
    1161 -- Spring Semester 2016
    1165 -- Summer Semester 2016
    1168 -- Fall Semester 2016
    1171 -- Spring Semester 2017
    1175 -- Summer Semester 2017