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Submitting Assignments


How do I submit Assignments in Blackboard?

  1. Log into Blackboard.


  2. Click your course.


  3. In the Course Menu, click on Assignments (or other area containing the assignment).


  4. Click on the title of the Assignment to submit your work.



  5. Section 1 tells you the Assignment Information, including the due date and the point value of the assignment.


  6. In Section 2, you have an option to either write your submission or to attach a file.
    NOTE: It is highly recommended that you create your submission in a word document and then attach the file. This allows you more flexibility in editing and saving your work.

    To attach a file, click Browse My Computer.


  7. Select the desired document and double-click or click Open.


  8. Your document will appear in Blackboard as an attached file. Double-check that you have attached the correct file.  If the wrong file appears, click Do Not Attach.


  9. Once you have attached the correct file, you can add comments in Section 3 if desired.


  10. When you are satisfied, click Submit in the lower right corner.


  11. A green confirmation banner will appear across the screen and you will be able to view your Submission in your Submission History.