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Mailing Lists


What is a mailing list? 

A mailing list is an email announcement list that distributes one email to many recipients.  ListServ is the management system CUA uses. Mailing lists are used when you need to email a large group of people who are not found in another system. All students in a class can be emailed through Blackboard, but if you want to email all students in a major, a mailing list would need to be created. 

Who can use a mailing list? 

Any faculty or staff can request a mailing list by emailing Students would need to have a faculty or staff permission before having a list created for them. In most cases a list may already exists for a large population. You can find this out by checking with the department or inquiring with Technology Services. 

How do I request a mailing list? 

In order to request a mailing list you can send an email to with the following information:

  • The name of the mailing list (no spaces or special characters, but hyphens can be used)
  • Type of subscription
  • Level of acknowledgment
  • Reply to configuration
  • Send configuration
  • Email addresses of owners and editors

For more information on these parameters, please see our Best Practices page

How do I request help with a mailing list? 

You can check out the training pages below under the Tutorials section. All of our training is done through documents and videos. If you are having an issue with a mailing list, please email us at 

How do I log into the Mailing list web interface? 

The link to log into the mailing list management interface is:
If you have owner or editor rights to a list you can use this link to update your mailing list. For help with this, please use the tutorial links below. 

How is a mailing list populated with subscribers? 

Once your mailing list has been created, you can add subscribers one by one or in a bulk upload format through the mailing list management interface. If you do not already have an email listing of the subscribers, you can log into Cardinal Station and run a query that will download the email addresses of the population you need. 

How can I be added/removed from a mailing list? 

To be removed from a list you can either follow the instructions at the bottom of the email, or reply to the sender of the list to be removed. Some lists have been set up as the official way to communicate University information and unless your relationship ends with the University, you cannot be removed. 

To be added to the list, you can send an email to the owner/sender of the list or contact Technology Services to find out who the list owner is. 

How can I delete a list? 

The owner of the list needs to submit an email to and ask that the mailing list be deleted. Please include the full name of the mailing list - for example


  • Best Practices(Webpage)
  • Logging into the Mailing List Server (Video)
  • Add/Remove subscribers using the web interface (Video)
  • Add/Remove a single subscriber using email (Webpage)
  • Updating the Owners and Editors (Webpage)
  • Bulk subscriber management (Video)