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Distance Learning

Distance Learning allows you to teach a class anywhere, anytime. Online or Hybrid courses are ideal for faculty who need to work from home, live in another state, or travel for research and conferences. Online courses are also beneficial for reaching a wider audience of students. 

There are different types of distance learning: Fully Online, Hybrid, and Web Enhanced Classes.

Success in Online Classes requires that you:

  • Keep up with the reading and videos

  • Log on regularly and participate in discussions

  • Ask questions

  • Don't procrastinate

  • Manage your time wisely and be sure you understand what is required of you

Expect to spend about 6-9 hours per week on each course undergraduate level course, and 9-12 hours per week on each graduate level course.

If you are having problems, ask for help. The instructor can answer questions about course material.
If you have questions about Blackboard, please submit a help ticket by emailing


Blackboard Tools to enhance your Distance Learning experience:

  • Discussion Boards - These include discussion forums where students can create threads, respond to each other, or respond to an instructor prompt. 

  • Blogs - The term blog comes from the consolidation of "web log".  This is a public log or journal that other students and the instructor can comment on.

  • Journals - In Blackboard, this is a private version of the Blog tool.  This can be used for reflection, responses, or clarifications between the student and instructor.

  • Wikis - Wikis are collaborative pages where students can access and manipulate group work remotely.

  • Groups - Blackboard allows a separate section for specific groups to communicate and collaborate in.  Individual groups can utilize many of the above tools including, group blogs, discussion boards, and wikis.