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Safari Cookie Exceptions


Recent Panopto upgrades have been known to require cookies in order to work properly.  If you find yourself trying to access Panopto unsuccessfully, you may need to change the cookie settings on your browser.
It is not recommended that you accept cookies from all sites you visit, because this can harm your computer.
Instead, it is recommended that you provide cookie exceptions only for Blackboard and Panopto

Different browsers have different processes for changing cookie exceptions

How Do I Change the Cookie Exceptions in Safari?

  1. Click to open Safari.


  2. In the top left corner of the browser, hover over Safari.


  3. Click on Preferences...


  4. A pop-up window will appear.  Click on the Privacy tab near the top.


  5. To allow cookies from Blackboard and Panopto, make sure that the radio circle Never is marked for Block Cookies and Other Website Data.

    NOTE:  Because this may allow other sites to track your computer using cookies as well, please make sure to mark the Website Tracking checkbox for Ask websites not to track me.