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Downloading/Updating Microsoft Silverlight

You must have the most current version of Microsoft Silverlight in order to view Panopto videos correctly.  If you are having problems with video playback, chances are you need to upgrade to a more current version of Silverlight.
In order to get the newest version of Silverlight, you must first uninstall any versions you may already have on your computer.  To learn how to uninstall old versions of Silverlight, click here.

If you are positive that there are no pre-existing versions of Silverlight on your computer, click here to learn how to download the newest version.

For information about how to see if you have the most current version of Silverlight, click here.


How do I uninstall old versions of Silverlight?

  1. Under Applications, look for Microsoft Silverlight.  If you find it, click and drag it to the trash bin.


  2. When the icon disappears, click on the trash bin.  Microsoft Silverlight should appear.  Click Empty.


  3. A pop-up window will appear.  Click Empty Trash to permanently delete Microsoft Silverlight along with other items in your trash bin.