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 Accessing CUA from off campus

 Technology Services has a VPN (Virtual Private Network) that allows you to access our campus network from anywhere in the world. Use the VPN to access Cardinal Financials and remote into your desktop computer when off campus. 

How do I get access?

All faculty and staff are given access to the VPN network automatically and should use the general-use option (listed in the instructions below). We have instructions to access your desktop from a number of Operating Systems and browsers below. 

Please note - your desktop in your office needs to be on and can not be in 'sleep mode'. You will also need to know your machine name which has been included in the instructions below. 

What do I get access to?

All faculty and staff can access their desktop computers. Once you have established the connection with your desktop computer, you can access everything as if you were in the office. 

Students will have access to a computer lab machine. A list of this software is located here:

Is there an on-campus VPN?

Yes. Faculty, staff, and students can access the enivornments as listed above by using the website Directions for how to set this up are below:

Instructions for Access

1. First - you need to install the VPN client on any computer that is not on campus. Here are instructions for doing this step:

VPN Installation instructions for Windows 10

VPN Installations instructions for MAC

VPN Installations instructions for Windows 7

2. After the VPN client has been installed, you can use this to connect to your desktop. Here are the instructions:

Turning Off TS-GW access 

Accesing your work desktop using Windows 10

Accessing your work desktop using a MAC

Accessing your work desktop using Windows 7

Contact us

Should you require any additional access or have any questions, please email us at