The Catholic University of America

Sponsored Account Request Form

This process is intended to be used to request the establishment of a Catholic University network account for an individual who is not a Catholic University faculty, staff or student.

Sponsored Account Type Descriptions
  • Consultant/Temp – an otherwise unaffiliated individual who will receive compensation from the university through the accounts payable office.
  • Guest – An individual who needs temporary access to the university network but is not compensated by the university.
  • Vendor – an individual employed by an organization that is under contact with the university to provide services who will not be receiving compensation directly from the university.
  • Visiting Scholar (Academic Area only) – An individual who will be performing research-related activities at the university and is not compensated by the university.
  • Visiting Student – An individual who is a full time student at another institution who is using university facilities and is not compensated by the university.
Access for Accounts

This form is used to request an account be created on the Catholic University network for an individual. Should other access need to be given (email, Cardinal Station, etc) follow the steps as appropriate (only after account is created)

Expiration on Accounts

Sponsored accounts are authorized for a defined duration and must be established with an expected end date which can be no more than a year from today. All accounts will expire a year after the date of creation.

Notification of Account Creation

After submitting this form, a ticket will be created in our system for tracking purposes. A copy of this form will also be sent to you. This form will need to be printed and signed by the sponsor and your cognizant Vice President/Provost and then scanned and emailed to You will be notified when the account has been approved and created or if more information is required.

Agreement Terms

By authorizing this account, I agree that the person using this account will abide by all applicable CUA polices which can be viewed at the University Policies Page -

The following is the information about the individual for whom the account is being requested

If so, please provide a CUA ID number or Username

If you would like your account holder to have access to change their password through our self service site, we need the following information:

Agreement Terms

By requesting this account, you agree that the person using this account will abide by all applicable polices found on the University Policies Page -