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Student MAC Address Info Form

This form allows CUA students, Faculty and Staff to register MAC addresses for devices which are not able to connect to the CUA Secure Wireless networks. Each registration will be valid for one calendar year.

Devices that can use our Wireless Network

Some devices will be able to use CUA-Secure. These devices are typically, laptops, desktops, printers, and smart phones. If you can't connect to CUA-Secure using one of these devices, please email us at with your mac address and where you are trying to connect from (building/room number) so that we can triage this issue. 


Connect your Devices

The best way to connect your internet device (Roku, Amazon Firestick, PlayStation, XBox, Smart TV) is to connect it to a wired connection. This will provide the most bandwidth and not require registration. If your device does not have the ability to connect through a wired device - you should use the CUA-SECURE Wifi. 

If you cannot connect your devices using either of these methods, (and your device is not a laptop, desktop, or smartphone) then you need to fill out the form. For help finding your MAC address please use the documentation below.


 Finding your MAC Address

Kindle Devices

Amazon FireStick




Need help?

If you have any difficulty using this site, please contact the Technology Services Service Desk either through phone (202-319-4357) or with an email to