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CUA Password Change

On this page, you can change your password for all of your CUA-affiliated accounts. These accounts are your CardinalMail (Gmail), Cardinal Station, and your network account that is used in places like Blackboard or

This service will synchronize your password for all of the above mentioned accounts.

Don't forget - Do you have a mobile device or desktop client using your old password? Update them with your new password, or you may get locked out! If that happens, turn off the device, wait 30 minutes, and do another password reset. If you're not sure if a device is connected, contact the Service Desk so they can trace which IP addresses are hitting your account.

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Step 1
(located on your Cardinal Card)
  If you do not know your CUA ID number:
Students, please call the Enrollment Services office at 202-319-5300.
Faculty and staff, please call the HR department at 202-319-5050.