The Catholic University of America

Digital Signage

Visix is a company that provides Catholic University with AxisTV digital signage hardware and software. Signage hardware can be found all over campus to help display current events that occur on and off campus.


How to get a display.

Below is a quick checklist of items that need to be completed in order for the Visix AxisTV system to be installed and function properly.

-Select location where display will go.

-Submit a Facilities project request for power outlets, network ports, and TV.

-Receive a quote from Technolgy Services to purchase the Visix system.


All training will be provided through Visix; they have a wide arrangment of teaching material and styles. The main form of training is through instructor lead Webinars which will be scheduled throughout the year. Below are links to register for the training sessioins.

Link to Training Descriptions

Link to Training Registration


Please call our Service Desk for the Registration Code. 202-319-4357

AxisTV Support.

Online help is located at:

You can also access blogs, infographics and white papers on this system here:


 Posting Messages

To create a slide to show on all campus plasmas, use PowerPoint to create one (1) slide and use the "save as" command to save it as a jpg file. You can email this image to and it will be sent to all administrators on campus. Please note: it is of the discretion of the department owner to choose what information is displayed on their slide. 

NOTE: In order to decrease the likelyhood of display failure make sure that all content that is uploaded has the same aspect ratio as all the slides that are currently playing. This will put less strain on the display hardware.