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Remote Access Using VPN

Catholic University provides a virtual private network (VPN) for use by staff, faculty and students. The VPN extends the campus network to them wherever they may be. The VPN helps to protect the University's systems and services while allowing members of the campus community to access them easily when not on campus.

Use the VPN to access Cardinal Financials and remote into your desktop computer when off campus.

How do I get access?

All faculty and staff are given access to the VPN network automatically and should use the general-use option (listed in the instructions below). We have instructions to access your desktop from a number of devices. 

Please note - your desktop on campus needs to be on and can not be in 'sleep mode'. You will also need to know your machine name which has been included in the instructions below. 

What desktop can I access?

All faculty and staff can access their assigned desktop computer. Once you have established the connection with your desktop computer, you can access everything as if you were in the office.

Students will have access to a computer lab machine. A list of this software is located here:

Instructions for Access

1. Do a one-time installation of the VPN client software. Instructions for Windows and macOS are below. Mobile users may install the Cisco AnyConnect app from their device's app store.

VPN Installation instructions for Windows 10

VPN Installations instructions for Apple macOS

VPN Installations instructions for Windows 7

2. After the VPN client software has been installed, you can use it to connect to your desktop. Here are the instructions:

Accesing your work desktop using Windows 10

Accessing your work desktop using Apple macOS

Accessing your work desktop using Windows 7

Contact us

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